Top 10 GIMP Tutorials on YouTube

Davies Media Design has been creating GIMP tutorials for over 5 years now. So, I figured it was about time that I compiled a list of our best video tutorials based on number of views, ratio of likes to dislikes, and watch time. Over the years, you all have watched our tutorials for a variety of […]


What Is Content Marketing & How Can Your Small Business Succeed At It?

Businesses of all sizes and industries have had a lot of success generating more traffic and sales with something called content marketing. Google trends shows that curiosity around this topic has increased by over 1,700% as business owners and marketing professionals try to figure out what content marketing is and how they can make it work for […]


Top 10 Green Businesses in Denver

Denver has been working hard to become more sustainable in recent years, and even made the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2016 list of U.S. cities with the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings. Through Denver’s Department of Environmental Health, the Certifiably Green Denver program offers sustainability advisors that help Denver businesses become more sustainable and efficient. […]

Web Design

4 Things To Ask Yourself When Redesigning Your Website

You’ve decided that your website needs some help. Maybe the site structure could be better, maybe you need to add some content and copy, maybe the aesthetic just needs some revamping, or maybe you need to re-do just about everything. So where do you start? Not all websites will need to be completely redesigned, which […]


5 Things You Should Do Everyday On Your Social Media Accounts

Almost two-thirds of American adults use social networking sites, and 90 percent of young adults, between 18 and 29, use social media, according to Pew Research. No one can deny that the growth of social media has completely changed marketing and advertising. In fact, 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to influence what […]

Video is the King of Content

Video is the King of Content and a Necessity For Your Marketing

Video isn’t exactly a new concept for businesses. It’s been used for advertising and promotional purposes for decades. It’s no secret that video is more engaging than text or photographs, and can help to drive a message home by appealing to its audience’s emotions through auditory and visual content. But video is becoming more widespread […]


SEO and Google Maps – Now More Important Than Ever

Some of you may or may not have heard that Google recently changed the layout of its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pag), or the page you see when you type in a search term and get the results of the search. What changes occurred with Google exactly? Well, instead of having a 2 or 3 […]

How to Budget for Web Design Denver

Setting a Realistic Budget for Your Denver Web Design Projects

So you’re a Denver business that’s looking to get a new website or update your existing one. You have a vague idea of what you want on your website and how you want it to look, but you have no idea who to hire for the project or what price range to expect. Perhaps you even […]


So You Got Screwed by an SEO Company

2015 may have been the height of the creation of Digital Marketing and SEO companies, but unfortunately not all of those companies knew what they were doing. Also, they likely weren’t looking out for your business – they were simply trying to make a quick buck off of something they knew few people actually understood […]