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Advertise Effectively with Adwords PPC

What is Paid Search?

Paid Search, also referred to as Online Advertising, Search Advertising or PPC (pay per click) Advertising, allows you to advertise for your business, product or webpage via a Google search text ad or rich media advertisement (i.e. video or image ads) in the places your customers hang out on the web.

More Flexibility, More Control

The ad types mentioned above are displayed through the Google Adwords platform and are much more measurable and flexible than other advertising mediums like TV or radio. You can reach more specific audiences to get in front of the right people for your brand or product during important "micro-moments". Finally, you can have more control over your budget by choosing which interaction types are best for your advertising goals. With the right budget and strategy, you can get more purchases, leads, or brand awareness for your business.


"4 in 5 consumers say they want ads customized to where they are: their city, zip code, or immediate surroundings" -Google

Our Process

Phase One:
Discovery & Goals

Phase One:
Discovery & Setting Goals

We'll sit down with you to discuss the goals of your advertising campaigns and come up with the best strategy to reach these goals.

Phase Two:
Campaign Build-out

Phase Two:
Campaign Build-out & Tracking

Next, we'll build your campaigns, adgroups, ads, and keyword lists. We'll set up your tracking in Analytics and Search Console.

Phase Three:
Analysis & Remarketing

Phase Three:
Analysis & Remarketing

Finally, we'll track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments where needed. We can also begin remarketing campaigns to reach site visitors for improved performance.

What Do Our Adwords Services Include?

Davies Media Design can help your business develop a successful Adwords advertising strategy. We'll help you plan a campaign around specific promotion, holiday, or product sales goals. After developing the structure of your campaigns and ad groups, our team can create ads fit for all ad types within the Google Network. We ensure your ads sync with landing pages on your site and fit your brand messaging. Finally, our Adwords experts hand select keyword lists that are most relevant to your ad group objectives and best match your landing page copy.

Remarketing Services

Davies Media Design creates remarketing campaigns to target customers that have already visit your site. This well-known advertising method typically improves the effectiveness of your online advertising. Our paid search agency can also run experiments to test new budgets, audiences, and keywords without compromising live campaigns.

We always follow Google's best practices, and ensure that your ads' performance meets the standards laid out and tracked by Google.

Precise Performance Measurement

Using the Adwords tracking software, we can tell you exactly how effective your ads are performing based on recorded conversions, impressions and clicks, and other key metrics. Don't have Analytics set up on your site? Our team will get it up and running for you.

Our services include constant monitoring and adjusting of your campaigns. This ensure that your ad rank remains high and that you are getting better results at a lower bidding price than your competitors. How do you know your ads are in good hands? Davies Media Design is Adwords Certified, which means we've been accredited by Google for our knowledge and expertise in Paid Search planning, management and analysis.

Paid Search Performance Measurement


Agency/Client Transparency

Additionally, as a client you will always have access to your own Adwords data so you can see for yourself how well your ads are performing. This transparency ensures that your allocated budget is being spent on your ads, and that our performance is meeting your goals and standards. We work with all budget ranges, so whether you're looking to make a large investment or are simply testing the waters of online advertising, we can help! We can also audit your existing campaigns to see how we can improve their performance and increase your ROI. 


Impressions Served for Our Clients

Case Study: Green Spaces Coworking

Client Background

Green Spaces is a sustainable coworking space located in the heart of the RiNo district of Downtown Denver. They approached Davies Media Design for Adwords advertising services with the goal of increasing prospects coming in to rent out an office space. They decided to go with both text and display ads, with a budget under $500 per month.

The Results

During the time period that Green Spaces has been advertising, they have seen an increase in prospects by 27.25%. Their average prospects per day went from 1.4 to 1.8! Office space rentals have also gone up by 14.7%. The space continues to operate at near capacity month over month, with some membership options currently sold out.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords Certified

Google Analytics and Adwords Certified

Davies Media Design is Google Analytics Certified and Google Adwords Certified. These qualifications come directly from an examination performed by Google, and means that we are qualified to perform analysis on your company's website data through Google Analytics and manage paid search campaigns in Google Adwords. We can also improve your website or mobile app functionality to increase web traffic and conversions. Finally, we can track marketing campaigns from multiple mediums to attribute value to clicks from each campaign, thus determining which campaigns are most effective and lucrative.

Have Adwords or online advertising questions?

Getting together a successful online ad campaign can be a challenge for your business. If you have any questions, from the ideal budget to the duration or content of your campaigns, please don't hesitate to contact us! Send us an email or give us a call at (720) 256-7577 and we'll get back to you shortly.