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In 2011, we created Davies Media Design on YouTube to provide a free way for beginner graphic designers and business owners to learn GIMP, the free image manipulation software. Today, the channel is a huge success with 1.3 MILLION views from all over the world and over 12,300 subscribers.

In our tutorials, you'll learn how to edit photos without needing to purchase Photoshop, how to make professional flyers and greeting cards for your business or personal projects, and how to design graphics for things like social media banners or websites. We also teach you how to use the tools found in GIMP, as well as other important and useful features. Watch one of our acclaimed tutorials below! 

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to advertise your brand on our YouTube channel? Are you an advertiser looking for media placement opportunities? Our videos receive over 34,000 views and over 130,000 minutes of watch time per month. In its lifetime, the channel has received 1.2 million views, 4.3 million minutes watched and 11,500 subscribers (and counting!). Do you sell products geared towards men or millennials? Our viewers are 76% male, with millennials making up 60% of our total audience. The largest age group is 25-34 year olds (34%). 45% of our viewers are in the US, while the remaining 55% are from all over the world.

Our videos have a combined satisfaction rating of 95.1% based on the ratio of total likes to dislikes. Our channel has had 0 copyright strikes, 0 community guidelines strikes, and has been in good standing with YouTube for 100% of the time. 

We have tons of advertising options, including product placement within the video, a product or business mention in the video and video description, a display ad on our video or website, and a commercial break within one of our videos with your commercial.

For more information about advertising/sponsorship opportunities and pricing, contact mike@daviesmediadesign.com.

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